David | Adelaide - 320 Explorer

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Dear Brett and Peter

I have been involved in boating all of my life and know exactly what I want and don't want in a boat, and as you know it still took me the best part of two years to make my final purchase decision. I chose the Integrity 320 Explorer for quite a few reasons but one thing that really stood out for me was the level of service and attention you provided me during the purchase process, and particularly your efforts in personally delivering the boat to me in Adelaide.

This was just so clean, professional and completely worry free and reinforced my good judgment in your company and the product I chose.

I wanted a boat that was low maintenance and easy to look after as I still travel a lot, plus I wanted a boat that was easy to get on a off and the full walk around decks really made that possible. But mostly I wanted a boat with traditional clean lines, a nautical feel and not just a caravan on water. I was also looking for value for money with my purchase and my new Integrity 320 delivers all that and much more.

I am more than happy to recommend your company and your product and if you have anybody around Adelaide or in South Australia wanting to see one of your boats I would be happy and proud to show them mine.

Good job and good luck boy's, from a very happy customer and please feel free to pass on my contact details to anyone who may want to ask me about my experience.