Keeping your Integrity shipshape

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Expert post-summer maintenance tips. 

Shane Stuart, Integrity’s national service manager, has a lifetime of knowledge of motor yachts, having worked in the industry  for close to two decades with shipwright and engineering qualifications.

And while the boating season never ends in Queensland and much of Australia, thankfully avoiding the ‘big chill’ so feared by northern hemisphere boaties, we still need to take some vital maintenance measures after summer.

“While we don’t have to ‘winterise’ our boats in the off-season, and plenty of people still use their boats all year round, many boat owners have to return to work and other commitments,” said Shane. “There are certain things we can do to keep our boats in good shape and avoid costly repairs down the track.”

For anti-fouling, navi gear and major work, see the experts. But here are Shane’s top tips for post-summer boat maintenance:
  • Check the clarity of your boat’s fuel bowl and make sure it is free of debris and water which can accumulate over summer.
  • Check your engine for signs of oil and coolant.
  • Inspect the shaft seals and make sure they are not leaking any water.
  • Check the gear box and engine oil.
  • Make sure the coolant is still clean with no traces of oil. Also, saltwater can turn it brown.
  • Check the steering ram and make sure there’s no oil residue on or around it.
  • Check rudder gland.
  • Regrease anchor motor.
  • Check around exhaust pipes and hoses.
In addition, there are several measures you can take to ensure your boat retains is value: wax the hull annually and top deck quarterly, polish the stainless annually, put a treatment on your teak as required.