Feel Assured in the Quality

The Integrity Boats range has always represented value and reliability yet two years ago, as distributors, we decided to invest in developing and improving the designs and production to take them to the next level.  And, rest assured, the investment has paid off with some stunning, sustainable boats.

Integrity Boats had a reputation worldwide of being excellent seafaring boats perfect for couples to cruise independently.  However, boat owners are a discerning group of people and as the largest distributor of the range worldwide, we wanted to ensure our clients were getting the very best.

Working on a series of designs, the new SX range, and applying our 30 years of boat building experience, the Australia-based Integrity Boats’ team invested significant resources and time with the yard to improve processes across the whole build.  Our aim was to consistently produce good looking boats that would be reliable, strong and easily maintained.

“It is rare for a distributor to take this route, yet we felt the cornerstones of a great product was already there and everyone would benefit from an improved quality control program.  The yard has been exceptional in working with us to understand and implement the control measures across the entire build and our team is onsite to oversee each and every boat,” said Ryan Hanson, Production Director.

Since the changes, the Integrity Boats team has seen improvements in the overall build quality along with the final detailed touches.  The integration of onboard electrical systems has been enhanced making the boats easier to operate and maintain.  The program also included refining the hull design for increased internal space and improved performance.

All these improvements have resulted in a range of boats which do not sacrifice elegance in the pursuit of handling, strength, reliability and management.

And the clients are noticing.

“We represent the Integrity brand in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and parts of the US.  These are very well-developed boating markets where owners know what they want and expect the highest standards.  The yard allowed and, indeed, welcomed our suggestions plus offered our clients the ability to make decisions in their own boat.  There is huge scope for personalisation,” continued Ryan.

For more information on building an Integrity Boat, please contact the team here.

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