Jon Mills – 350 MkII Flybridge

I have intended to write this for a while, now does however seem an appropriate time.

As you are aware my previous boat was a sports cruiser, which I was delighted with, as far as that style of boat goes. I began researching what my next boat would be about February 2011, saw the Integrity range at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show later the same year, researched a lot more and purchased in December 2011.

Now having had “Caviar”, my Integrity 350Mk2 for some 3 months I can’t express my delight enough. The satisfaction I have with Caviar is not just due to the boat and its many features and the benefits they have for me, my family and the friends and work colleagues who have enjoyed time on Caviar but also due to the absolute impeccable after sales service you, Peter, Russell and all involved with Integrity have provided.

Right from the outset let me say there has never been an issue with the “Boat” “per se” from a structural or integrity (excuse the pun) perspective. The issues were with small “niggley” componentry on the boat. The best example of the service I can think of is when an impeller for the Genset failed and you offered to bring a bar-b-que out to us immediately, which we declined, but you came out in your tender on a Sunday morning with a mechanic, a new water pump and impeller and the problem was sorted by 8:30am.

To those prospective customers, who like me, might question the build quality of a Chinese built boat, I have one simple piece of advice…….”simply put it out of your mind”. The quality of build, presentation, function and service is simply beyone reproach.

You have also assisted in putting the boat into survey and the whole process has, at least for me, been simple and seamless.

I can’t thank you enough for the experience of becoming part of the “Integrity Family” and I look forward to enjoying Caviar for many years to come.

My sincere best wishes for the on-going success of Integrity Boats Australia.

Best regards,

Jon Mills

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