Trevor & Loraine – Integrity Owners Since 2012

Some background to the owner. Trevor and his wife Loraine have owned many boats in the past, from runabouts to a custom-built offshore fishing boat. Being aware that owning a boat requires a lot of time and investment as a sole owner the decision was made to purchase the largest boat they’d ever owned in a 50 percent share ownership.

We spoke to Trevor for some insight into how the ownership is going:

Q: Hi Trevor so how is the boat going?

A: Well the boat is fantastic! As our first boat in this style and size we had concerns that the slower pace and size might be an issue, in fact it’s just that slow pace that’s made the boat really show that we have purchased correctly. We “slow down” when on board, Loraine who’s under pressure with work will settle into the cockpit seat and drift off to sleep as soon as we leave the dock. It’s her “zone out time” whilst I drive us to one of the nearby bays.

Q: What are your top key areas that have shown you purchased correctly after your extensive search and comparison of other boats on the market?

A: There are four main areas that really have stood out. These I’ll rate from best. Firstly, the Cockpit is the main area we spend and entertain in, with a couple of extra deck chairs we’ve seated 10 around the table. Our family and friends also love it. Secondly, the side door next to the steering (Helm door) makes it so easy to dock, manoeuvre, drop anchor, pick up moorings etc. I can’t imagine a boat without one now. Thirdly, the opening back bulkhead (Hopper Doors) opens the boat up to make it a much larger boat. If I’m steering and whether it’s just Loraine “zoning out” or family and friends we feel that were all in the same area, not remote from what’s happening. Lastly, the galley for many of the same reasons as the opening bulkhead, it’s easy to access and get what you need, from grabbing more food or topping up drinks. Can I add that the separate shower is great? No need for a chamois to wipe the toilet down.          

Q. Is it meeting your expectations plus are there any things you’d change?

A: The fit and finish are areas that have shown how well made they are. Nothing has deteriorated, even with some use. Yes of course with a new boat you have things you’d change, for example the head space over the bed is low, but I’ve noticed on newer boats this has been resolved. The toilet access is through the main cabin, but I have to remember this is a boat for two to overnight on, so when the kids stay overnight it’s OK. I suppose a bigger one would solve this ha ha! Some other small things but I know these have been changed on later models which shows the builders are getting our feedback and making changes all the time.

Q: What does Loraine have to say about the boat?

A: Loraine loves inviting friends, and entertaining them. Recently we moored in the Basin where we had the boat full of family and friends with everyone just relaxing, some swimming, lounging and even jumping off the roof, so it meets Loraine’s requirements nicely, plus when it’s just the two of us and we return to the stern-to marina pen my second mate (Loraine), really a non-boatie, simply has to pick up the stern line with the boat hook and secure it, which is so easy to do as I hold the boat in position using the bow & stern thrusters. It couldn’t be easier!

Q: So is the 50 percent partnership working for both of you?

A: Absolutely. I initially drew up a long-winded list of procedures for the partnership, but to-date we haven’t had to refer to it and I expect we never will. Our partner and his wife mainly use the boat through the week and us on weekends, so it’s a fantastic arrangement that’s relaxed and cruisey. I’d recommend it as a way of purchasing a boat. Plus the boat is being used but not abused all the time which I believe is good for it.

Q: Anything else that you’d like to add?

A: Well one area that I thought I’d have problems with was the fully covered cockpit, I would have preferred a ½ covered one like some competitors, but now having owned the Integrity this covered cockpit and the extra space in the cockpit make me think had we purchased otherwise we’d be regretting it now. It might be a small point, but my son is a marine electrician and has worked on mine and other boats. He’s said the wiring is well done and never led me to worry about the build quality.

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