Wayne Thompson (Professional Skipper And Teacher) – 350 MkII Flybridge

I recently had the pleasure of delivering an Integrity 350 MK11 Motor Cruiser from the Gold Coast to Pittwater in Sydney.

Although I had already done several training sessions with clients on these boats locally and a couple of bar Crossings and short deliveries I certainly did not realise this boats  full potential in open water until I delivered one to Sydney.

This was done early December and the weather was ordinary to put it mildly, an average of 2 to 3 metre seas and 20 to 25 knots gusting to 35 knots from the North East  meant most of this trip we copped the sea on the port side beam, usually very very unpleasant and not really safe travelling.

However I was astounded with this boats performance in more than one way, not only was she very good in a beam sea but also a following sea and punching straight in to it.

We certainly tried her in all conditions including heavy rain and storm conditions and even ended up stuck in a strong wind warning before and when we crossed the Yamba bar.

The boats normal speed is 8 to 10 Knots but in the currents we maintained 11 to 12 knots for long periods and even recorded a top speed of 15.3 Knots dropping gently down a wave.

All aboard felt safe at all times and there was nothing unpredictable to worry about even with the occasional rogue wave popping up out of nowhere.

I would highly recommend this boat for anyone wanting to go coastal cruising as I found her as safe and as soft riding as you could possibly expect a boat of this size to be and I would happily talk to anyone who wanted more information about her ability at sea.

Well Done!  Mr Integrity, I take my hat off  to you on such a well designed and  sea kindly craft.

Wayne Thompson

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